Man’s Inhumanity to Women


Testimony By Alie

the first time i was raped i was 12. i didn’t even know what he was doing to me ( i grew up very sheltered ) he was the 19 year old live in boyfriend of my best friends sister. he offered to drive me home after a sleep over, he forced himself on me in his car. he actually got mad b/c i had bled on the seat :/ he fed me the usual bullshit “if you tell anyone, you will get in trouble” and “your parents will stop loving you” so i kept it to myself. i immediately turned to self mutilation and drugs , just to ease the pain i was feeling. this led to drug abuse for the next 20 years and countless suicide attempts. fast forward to my late 20’s, i was raped again, by someone i thought was a friend. this “friend” raped & tortured me for several hours and im pretty sure he left b/c he thought he had killed me ( i was unconscious towards the end ) when i came to, i was literally covered from head to toe with vicious black & blue bite marks, my face swollen beyond recognition, clumps of hair missing and small stab wounds. i went to the local hospital but they denied me care simply b/c i had no insurance and no money. ( i did see a triage nurse and he had to leave the room to compose himself after seeing my injuries ) this led to even more drugs and more suicide attempts. i completely shut down. i was so alone ( all my family lives out of the country ) and i didnt know what to do. i relocated to a different city to start over. i quit all the drugs cold turkey and looked into free counseling thru the county. i even met a wonderful man that didn’t judge me for what i had been its 6 years after the last rape and i am getting professional help ( i have ptsd, severe anxiety, and bipolar disorder ) and with the support of my loving husband i am finally able to not see myself as a victim but a survivor

5 thoughts on “Man’s Inhumanity to Women

  1. Sweetheart you have to be the bravest person ever. I wish you a life (from now on) full of love, laughter and joy.

  2. Heart breaking story but amazing ending! Thank you for sharing! Glad things are getting better for you because you do deserve it!

  3. sending you a big hug, and an applause for telling your story with courage and grace. you are beautiful and wise and bravo!

  4. You’re so brave to share your story. Know that you are definitely not alone.

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