Don’t Get Raped in Texas

Testimony by Ms. Salmon

I want to say that I was also raped in Texas. 6 times. All sober. And when I reported it, neither the police nor the detective believed me. They told me that he was my boyfriend, so it was okay, even though I was sixteen, and that I shouldn’t be calling in with fake accusations. I asked for one of those phone calls that they record, and the detective told me that they don’t practice that in Houston (which is probably a lie, judging from this article). I tried so hard to push charges but no one at the station would let me. They dropped my case immediately, but no one told me. I was waiting by my phone for 2 weeks without a call from them, and they wouldn’t return my calls. I found out by calling a rape crisis center in the Houston area (I live in California). An advocate there was the one to break the news to me. I went to student legal services at my university because I had proof of him apologizing for it in an email. My attorney called her friend who is an attorney that takes sexual assault cases in Houston. My lawyer reported back to me that in Texas, prosecutors follow an unwritten rule of not to take up date rape cases because they are too difficult to prove and are therefore not profitable (my incidents counted as date rape because he was my boyfriend at the time). She essentially told me that date rapists get away with their crimes in Texas.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Get Raped in Texas

  1. I’m so sorry you went through this. Texas is a MISERABLE place to try to get justice of any kind. Did you talk to an attorney about the possibility of bringing a CIVIL suit against your assailant (a tort claim, emotional distress, etc.), since the prosecutor wouldn’t pursue criminal charges? It may be too late – the statute of limitations may have run on any of the grounds on which you could sue him…and, if you’re in California now, it might simply be too expensive to try to deal with a Houston-based case. Still, it’s tempting to think you might be able to turn his life upside-down for a while. But only you can decide the best way for you to heal your wounds.

    I hope you’ve gotten other support to help you deal with the aftermath of what happened. Know that HERE, you are believed and supported!

  2. I waited until I turned 18 to report it so that my family wouldn’t find out, but by that time the statute of limitations (2 years) was up. I was furious that no one had told me that a civil lawsuit was an option. I wish that I had had guidance from someone at that time. I wish that they taught us in high school to go to the hospital if you are raped, because I had no idea that that was an option either. I wish that they told me how to buck a guy off when he has you pinned to the ground (they teach us “duck and cover” but not this??).

    I ended up writing a letter to his mother explaining all of the things he’d done to me. I sent it so that it would arrive on December 23rd or 24th of that year. I wanted as much of his family to find out as possible. The mother finally wrote back, using some program that hid her email address, and told me that if I want to talk to her then I needed to talk to her lawyer instead. She didn’t tell me her lawyer’s name or contact information. I couldn’t respond in any way, so I went to student legal services and you know what happened there.

    After I found out that date rape was practically sanctioned in Texas, I wrote to about 50 of his female facebook friends telling them what he did to me. I explained his tactics, hoping that I could maybe help save one of his future victims. I asked that if anyone else had been sexually assaulted by him that they report it. A few days later, facebook wrote me telling me that I had been reported and could be sued, and I got an email from his attorney that promised a lawsuit for cyber harassment. I was suicidal for the next four years after that. I still have nightmares about him almost every night. I’ve practiced countless hours of self defense, and it has helped with a later attempt at sexual assault, but I wish that I knew it when I was 16. I heard that he failed out of college but that’s not enough for me.

    Sorry for the blabbing. Tonight is the anniversary of the first time he raped me. I want to write his name but I’m afraid that I’ll get sued for it. Fuck Texas.

  3. Actually it is technically illegal in all 50 states to rape your girlfriend/wife, you just won’t ever get a conviction for it. It is also legal to scream your rapist’s name from the roof tops and I also highly recommend that all survivors expose the rapists’ names and seek justice..

  4. William Kanaly. He lives in Norman, Oaklahoma (fuck it)

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