What is patriarchy?

Patriarchy is…

Patriarchy is a 15 years old girl and coming home with a hickey because her high school sweetheart got a little carried away while they were making out, and hearing her father scream at her and call her a whore, even though she is a virgin.

Patriarchy is a 13 year old girl asking her mother why the Equal Rights Amendment didn’t pass, and hearing her answer, “because men are stronger than women.”

Patriarchy is hearing your father tell your mother over and over again how stupid she is.

Patriarchy is walking down the street and getting harassed on a daily basis.

Patriarchy is not being able to go out at night alone, or to a bar, because you know it isn’t safe.

Patriarchy is being sexually assaulted on a date, because men are taught that women are sex objects to be played with.

Patriarchy is parents teaching their kids that boys and girls are fundamentally different. Patriarchy is getting fired from your job for not wearing makeup, for getting pregnant, for using birth control, for reporting sexual harassment.

Patriarchy is a woman calling her husband at work to tell him she’s pregnant, and his reaction is to throw a chair across the room, come home with a six pack of beer, and tell his wife, “well it better be a boy.”

Patriarchy is getting offended that a woman is breast feeding her baby in public, because you’ve been taught that breasts are meant for your pleasure and not for babies.

Patriarchy is asking a rape victim why she was stupid enough to get raped.

Patriarchy is giving a female student a B on a paper she wrote, when she really deserved an A. Patriarchy is buying your daughter play ironing boards, play tea sets, and play vacuums, and anorexic dolls that reinforce traditional gender roles.

Patriarchy is encouraging girls to major in nursing, sociology, interior design, and art history, instead of physics, mathematics, business, and political science.

Patriarchy is expecting your fiance to take your last name.

Patriarchy is refusing your date’s offer to pay for dinner, and than pressuring her to put out because she owes you.

Patriarchy is paying a woman with a masters degree less than a man with a bachelor’s, or hiring a hot female assistant with no experience because you want to have sex with her, or hiring a woman instead of a man because you know you can pay a woman employee less for the same job.

Patriarchy is passing laws that try to control women’s bodies.

Patriarchy is working 9 hours a day, coming home, and then working another 9 hours cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids while your husband relaxes with a beer in front of the t.v.

Patriarchy is telling your bros “that girl looks like a total slut,” and then offering to buy her a drink. Patriarchy is grinding your cock against a girl at a concert, even after she tries to push you away.

Patriarchy is listening intently to a man express his political opinions, but getting annoyed with a woman who expresses hers.

Patriarchy is claiming that American society discriminates against white men, while women represent the majority of adults in poverty, women get paid 77 cents to the man’s dollar for the exact same job, and 2 out 3 women get sexually assualted in their life times by men.

Patriarchy is 1 out of every 20 men in the United States being a rapist, and society telling women they deserve to be raped.

Patriarchy is reducing a woman in power down to her physical appearance because sexualizing her makes her seem less threatening.

Patriarchy is using religion as an excuse to oppress your daughter, you sister, your mother, your wife.

Patriarchy is believing that masculinity is synonymous with violence.

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