The Bigoted Companies I Boycott:

1. Walmart – because they are sexist, racist and all around evil (a couple of examples being holding work meetings at stip clubs in order to make female employees feel as uncomfortable as possible and the recent class action law suit filed by female employees who were sick of gender discrimination while working at Walmart, and let’s not forget extreme exploitation of foreign workers).

2. Secret Deoderant – for producing a subtle and yet powerfully sexist commercial.

3. Belvedere Vodka – for producing an advertisement that explicitly supported raping women.

4. Fox News – i dont think i need to explain this one.

5. Victoria’s secret – for marketing t shirts that say “study less, party more”. A product marketed specifically to women consumers.

6. Any newspaper that refused to print the Doonesbury cartoon that satirized the new rape abortion laws.

7. Any pharmacy that refuses to sell plan B.

8. Sleep Train – for reinstating support for Rush Limbaugh after he “apologized” for calling women who use birth control sluts.

9. Jameson Whisky – for using an advertisement that explicitly (and “humorously”) explained how their whisky is more valuable than a woman’s life.

10. BMW – for consistently using advertisements that promote violence and objectification of women.

11. Dr Pepper – for having an advertisement that explicitly says the product is “not for women.” And of course we all know that gender stratification promotes gendered violence.

(this list is a work in progress)

12. Carl’s Jr. – do i really need to explain this one?

13. Any church or church funded organizaiton that advocates women as second-class citizens or who advocates domestic violence as a “family issue.”

14. Axe products, because they have consistently been anti-woman in pretty much all their advertising campaigns.

15. Newcastle beer – sexist commercial.

16. Proctor and Gamble – for defending their support for ALEC (American Legislation Exchange Counsel). They dared the American public to boycott them – join me and accept their challenge. ALEC is a really powerful and evil group that makes sure anti-gay and anti-women laws get put on the Republican agenda. Proctor and Gamble make products like:

  • Ariel laundry detergent
  • Bounty paper towels, sold in the United States and Canada
  • Braun, a small-appliances manufacturer specializing in electric razors, coffeemakers, toasters, and blenders
  • Charmin bathroom tissue and moist towelettes
  • Crest toothpaste
  • Dawn dishwashing detergent
  • Downy fabric softener and dryer sheets
  • Lenor fabric softener
  • Duracell batteries and flashlights
  • Fusion five blade cartridge and razors.
  • Gain fresh smelling liquid and powder laundry detergents, liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets
  • Gillette, variety of razors for men and women, shaving cream for men, body wash for men, shampoo for men, deodorant and anti-perspirant for men
  • Head & Shoulders shampoo
  • Iams dog and cat foods
  • Olay Personal and beauty products
  • Oral-B inter-dental products, such as Oral-B Glide
  • Pampers & Pampers Kandoo disposable diapers and moist towelettes
  • Pantene haircare products
  • Tide variety of liquid and powder laundry detergents, stain remover for laundry and stain remover pen
  • Wella hair care products
  • Febreze Odor control/Freshener

17.  Ruffles potato chips – they are launching a horribly sexist new advertising campaign. ick!

18. Dos Equis – sexist advertising campaign.

19. Revlon – for supporting the GOP war on women by hosting a Romney fundraiser.

20. Chick-Fil-A = for openly hating gay people and donating to hate groups.

21. Hobby Lobby – a craft store chain that is suing the government – because they don’t want to  provide healthcare to their female employees – they are proud misogynists.

One thought on “The Bigoted Companies I Boycott:

  1. That Dr. Pepper commercial really hacked me off, and I never found anyone else that took it as seriously as I did. The Doonesbury strip was a bright light on the misogynistic attitude so prevalent nowadays. I was not a bit surprised it did not run everywhere, but was definitely disappointed in those who suppressed it. As for number 13 on your list….Pat Robertson, anyone? That man makes all the hair stand up on my arms, and every time he opens his mouth I just want to yell out loud. It is disgusting that he even has an avenue to spew his screed of anti-woman twaddle. Great post! Keep ’em coming.

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